Investment land for sale alongside motorway A1 and in Gdańsk

The investment land in Pruszcz Gdański Commune is located near the Rusocin junction. Such a location is very beneficial from the point of view of entrepreneurs interested in among others convenient transport possibilities. The Lech Wałęsa airport is located at a short distance, as well as open marine ports in Gdańsk and Gdynia. Moreover, motorway A1 begins here. It will constitute part of the international route E-75 (Norway-Finland-Poland-Czech Republic-Slovakia-Hungary-Serbia-Macedonia-Greece). Also other national roads have their beginning in the vicinity: S6 (Gdańsk-Szczecin) and S7 (Gdańsk-Warsaw-Cracow). Pomerania also offers a network of railway connections providing a wide range of transport possibilities – not only at a national, but also international scale.

The investment land offered by us is located in Pomerania, one of the fastest developing areas of Central-Eastern Europe. This undoubtedly increases attractiveness of any potential business to be founded here.

Our offer includes plots located in: Wojanowo, Jagatowo, Świńcz, Rusocin, Borzęcin, Juszkowo, and Będzieszyn. The total area of the land is more than 1000 hectares.

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