About us

POLHOZ Sp. z o.o. has been active on the market for over 20 years. It was founded as a result of restructuring of several former State Agricultural Farms (PGR). The Company’s share capital is more than PLN 22 million.

The registered office of POLHOZ Sp. z o.o. is Szymankowo between Tczew and Malbork. Additionally, the Company management has its separate office in Świńcz near Pruszcz Gdański. The Company is particularly engaged in industrial development of land around the Rusocin-motorway A1 junction.

The Company’s basic activity is large-scale agriculture which is very important for the national economy. The main directions are:

  • Cultivation – area of approx. 7,000 ha. Annually, we supply the market with approx. 21,000 tons of wheat, 5,500 tons of rape, 7,300 tons of sugar beets, and 6,500 tons of potatoes, mostly potato sets.
  • Breeding – approx. 850 items of dairy cows

We provide further processing of more than 8,500,000 litres of milk annually. During production, we pay special attention to the highest quality of the milk with consideration of good condition of the animals and natural environment protection.

It is worth mentioning that we apply modern technical solutions in cereal cultivation and dairy cattle. We have the latest generation of cereal combine harvesters, agricultural tractors, sprayers, and fertiliser spreaders. We implement precision agriculture technologies: telemetry, variable dosage, and automatic tractor steering systems (we use GPS for this purpose). In cowsheds, we apply state-of-the-art devices for milking, feeding the animals, removal of manure.

Another direction in our activity is change in classification of agricultural land into industrial land, and obtaining investors for development of the land. This concerns mainly – although not exclusively – one of our farms – Wojanowo – located at the junction of the Gdańsk bypass and motorway A1 near Rusocin. In cooperation with Pruszcz Gdański Commune, the Company undertakes activities leading to changing spatial development plans of the neighbouring land, development of infrastructure, and preparation of the land for sale to final users.

Having the future in mind, the Company is interested in new technologies such as generating heat and electricity from renewable resources. Therefore, we are planning to implement projects concerning wind farms and agricultural biogas stations in selected areas in the near future.